Sherlock Holmes: The Ultimate Satyr Collection (Volume 1)
September 25th, 2015 by Aldouspi

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Ten Compelling Sherlock Holmes Crime Mysteries In One Complete Book: VOLUME ONE. {202 pages}
STORY ONE: The Game of Cat and Mouse.
The interior was dark and neither of us searched for a lamp or switch. There came a ticking of some clock or another. And the sound of a dripping faucet somewhere in the house was like a hammer to an anvil. Our breaths were loud, but my heart sounded louder to me. Interestingly enough, Holmes moved as though he'd been through here before.

STORY TWO: The Mystery of the Faceless Bride.
The bride carried no decaying roses but her bridal dress was torn and burnt. Her bare legs, starved needle points, staggered disjointedly. The veil hung low over her face. I had my pistol, however I could not shoot. Her face! Even in the darkness I could see its ruin.

STORY THREE: The Case of the Cracked Mirror.
The fireman had seen a skeleton, wearing a dress coat, whose head was aflame. I was deeply worried for the missing young woman. If she had been taken by the opera ghost, be he flesh or spirit, how would she fare if she rejected his 'love'?

STORY FOUR: A Strange Affair with the Woman on the Tracks.
Jane screeched at this further betrayal and went for Henry. They began to struggle. Henry was the stronger out of the two yet the woman's pain was unstoppable. His hands wrapped around her throat and Jane clawed at his face until she fell. We stared down at Jane's body.

STORY FIVE: The curse of a Native.
Adams had violently slapped Kimilu so hard that the sheer force had floored the waiter and the usually humble waiter had lost it. He had stood up and angrily talked back at him in his native language which Adams did not understand. But Butler had lived in Africa for over two decades and he understood every word. It was chilling to say the least.

STORY SIX: The Mystery of the Poisoned Tomb.
"Ah good morning, John, if we do not hurry then we shall miss the unveiling of the sarcophagus." He leaped up, feeling much better than I did, and chased me into my own room so that I could get changed. Holmes and I made our way through. They had been waiting for us. I couldn't wait to see if there really was a Pharaoh in the next room.

STORY SEVEN: The Case of the missing Mayan Codices.
"I do not suppose that you have brought your revolver with you Watson?" I shook my head to indicate that my response was in the negative to his question. He turned his head forward again and led us through the kitchen, past several side pantries. As we cautiously inched forward, Holmes observed that the blood trail consisted of droplets of varying size.

STORY EIGHT: Murders on the Voyage to India.
Murder; "Murder." The scream echoed down the hallway shaking me from my slumber and into the dim vision of the electric lights. Someone was banging on the door and Watson scrambled to open it. Her hands were covered with odious red, and tears streaked across her reddened face.

STORY NINE: The Heist.
"Gentlemen, I am here to represent the interest of Henry Bank & Trust. We would like to resolve the situation quickly and quietly. Holmes sat across from her, studying her with a nonplussed air. "I must admit" he said, "that I do not know how to assist you. Inspector Lestrade was here earlier, and it appears that you are missing nothing and they have no thieves in custody.

STORY TEN: Death in the Tropics of an English Explorer.
"And I suppose you expect me to solve the whole case on that information alone? Surely there is something more you can give me." Replied Holmes; quickly losing interest in the subject. Mycroft continued, "Suppose I said that it is possible, while studying the lives of an indigenous tribe known as the Koburu, that the great explorer, Sir Hughes Blakefield, was murdered in cold blood.

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Customer Reviews


6 people found this helpful.
 on July 10, 2014
By Yvonne Crowe
My interest was piqued when I came across Volume 1 in the Holmes Ultimate Satyr Collection, despite this not being my usual genre.


4 people found this helpful.
 on July 23, 2014
By Mary P. Galley
This book was an interesting experience for me. I enjoy Sherlock Holmes and the stories were entertaining. However, it seemed they ended rather abruptly at times. Still in all, I wasn't sorry I bought it as it allowed me to become reacquainted with Sherlock once again.

and we enjoy them anyway

3 people found this helpful.
 on October 17, 2014
By Liz Bearden
Sherlock Holmes, The Drakons Collection by Pennie Cartawick

An addition that Holmes lovers will enjoy

2 people found this helpful.
 on February 14, 2015
By Amazon Customer
A few years ago I read my first Sherlock Holmes story and was immediately hooked. I devoured the whole canon in a week or so. Sadly, since Conan Doyle is no longer with us, my only hope of enjoying more stories was to wait a few years more until I had forgotten the original plots - and then to re-read!

Looking for Clues

3 people found this helpful.
 on September 9, 2014
By J. Rogers Barrow
Cartawick gives the reader a substantial collection of Sherlock Holmes stories. They capture the spirit and charm of a bygone error. Sherlock has continuing appeal to readers, and is much like an old friend. Short stories have advantages in modern times. Many readers prefer shorter texts for ebooks. Say hello to an old friend. The game is afoot. Good work. Bravo!

NIcely plotted

2 people found this helpful.
 on February 1, 2015
By Dewey Wayne Dempsey
Pennie needs a new proofreader. That being said, the ten short stories are well thought out and follow the general plot formula for Sherlock Holmes short fiction. She captures the tone and invokes the Baker Street atmosphere. Her use of the great man himself to narrate three of the stories was a nice touch.

Excellent collection

One person found this helpful.
 on May 4, 2015
By Jeff Dawson
It has been much too long since I delved into the minds of Holmes and Watson. Pennie Catawick reawakened the sleeping sleuth in my.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange ...

One person found this helpful.
 on April 14, 2015
By Miss Maria Gibbs
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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