Sherlock Holmes and the Hentzau Affair by David Stuart Davies
January 27th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Here is the latest featured review of a Sherlock Holmes Pastiche: "Sherlock Holmes and the Hentzau Affair" by David Stuart Davies.

Hentzau Affair

Sherlock Holmes Pastiches and Reviews: 

"Sherlock Holmes and the Hentzau Affair" by David Stuart Davies

Reviewed By Scott Harker

Publisher:  Wordsworth Editions, Copyright 2007.

"Sherlock Holmes and the Hentzau Affair" is also a pastiche of "The Prisoner of Zenda" by Anthony Hope.

"The Prisoner of Zenda" tells the story of an Englishman, Rudolf Rassendyll who must sacrifice his own happiness and save a kingdom. A drugged and kidnapped monarch-to-be must be impersonated by look-alike (Rudolf Rassendyll) at the coronation, lest his kingdom fall into ruin at the hands of an evil half-brother.

The current story takes place a few years after the King of Ruritania has been crowned...

The Story:  Colonel Sapt of the Ruritanian Court has come to England to enlist once again the aid of Rudolf Rassendyll. He hopes that Rudolf will reenact his impersonation of the King, giving the monarch a chance to recover from a serious illness.

Unfortunately, Rassendyll cannot be found and Sapt goes to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to help find him. In the interveiw with Colonel Sapt, Holmes quickly realizes that serious and evil events have already taken place - a kidnapping has occurred which first must be resolved before Holmes can tackle the missing Rudolf.

Events take their course and soon Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes are on their way to Ruritania where they believe Rassendyll is being held captive in the castle of Zenda or nearby. While seeking clues to the missing man's whereabouts, Holmes and Watson are attacked by agents of the King's evil brother, Rupert of Hentzau, who still wants the crown for himself.

Holmes and Watson face mystery, treachery and physical danger as they seek to save Ryssendyll, Queen Flavia of Ruritania and the kingdom itself...

The Writing:  It is always nice when you open a book and by the end of the first page you are already carried away into the world of Sherlock Holmes and are eagerly waiting to see what happens.

David Stuart Davies writes well. His Holmes and Watson are excellent creations that match up nicely with how the characters are portrayed by Doyle. Holmes is insightful, inventive and adventurous in just the right combination.

David Stuart Davies works hard to stay within the world and parameters that Conan Doyle's novels and stories created. He has written other Sherlock Holmes pastiches as well a biography of Jeremy Brett. His knowledge and his feel for the world of Sherlock Holmes is well represented here.

The Rating:  ... This novel has a rating of 3 "Pipes." If you do not have a copy of this book already, you should get one.

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The Prisoner Of Zenda 1937 (Part 1)

Ronald Colman, C. Aubrey Smith, Douglas Fairbanks jr. David Niven, Madeleine Carroll, Raymond Massey and Mary Astor star in the 1937 film adaptation of Anthony Hope's classic novel.

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