Gaslight Grimoire, Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes Ed. by Campbell and Prepolec
May 5th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Here is the latest featured review of a Sherlock Holmes Pastiche: "Gaslight Grimoire, Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes" Edited by J. R. Campbell and Charles Prepolec...

Gaslight Grimoire

Sherlock Holmes Pastiches and Reviews: 

"Gaslight Grimoire, Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes" Edited by J. R. Campbell and Charles Prepolec

Reviewed By Scott Harker

Publisher:   Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, Copyright 2008, First Edition.

"Gaslight Grimoire, Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes" Edited by J. R. Campbell and Charles Prepolec is a collection of 11 stories where supernatural and fantastical events are allowed to take. In this collection of pastiches, Ghosts and other weird things can apply... Authors include Barbara Hambly, Martin Powell, J. R. Campbell and Bob Madison amongst others.

The Story:  The first story in the book, "The Lost Boy" by Barbara Hambly. Sherlock Holmes visits Neverland and with the aid of Peter Pan defeats a nightmare and saves some children. What makes this whimsical story so interesting is the effect that Neverland has on Holmes and the fact that he meets Mrs. Watson wandering there as well...

"The Entwined" by J. R. Campbell finds Sherlock Holmes visiting a woman in a madhouse. She confesses to murders that she could not do and as Holmes interrogates her - he glimpses another reality beyond our own.

Another interesting story was "The Grantchester Grimoire" by Chico Kidd and Rick Kennett. This pastiche features another literary detective, Carnacki the Ghost Finder otherwise known as the Occult Detective. Sherlock Holmes is invited to investigate a mystery that has also attracted the attention of a young Carnacki. With evil books and ghosts and some decent deductive reasoning by Holmes, even if you do not know who Carnacki is, you can still enjoy the story.

The Writing:  The editors, Campbell and Prepolec have the right idea of exploring otherly world adventures, but do not provide us with the best executed stories. The Hambly story, which is the first story presented, was the strongest of the lot, for me. Of course, your taste may vary and you will find some of the other stories better... Unfortunately, you will find some of the stories much worst.

Don't get me wrong, it is always fun when the supernatural and the world of Sherlock Holmes intertwine. It gives one a chance to see Holmes and Watson in a different light. And almost all the stories, here, have their "points of interest." I must admit though, I did not bother to read completely the last story in collection: "The Red Planet League" by Kim Newman. Actually the author's writing was fine, but the story only featured Professor Moriarty - Holmes was not in it at all. I am sure the intent of the story was supposed to be one of comical revenge using the H.G. Wells' War of the World framework, but I found it to mean spirited to enjoy and skpped to the ending...

The Rating: ... I give this book 3 "Pipes." This is not the best anthology of Sherlock Holmes pastiches, but the majority of the stories are worth reading...

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