Sherlock Holmes and the Nine-Dragon Sigil by Tim Symonds Review
November 18th, 2016 by Aldouspi

While it always fun, yet commonplace, to read a Sherlock Holmes story where London is the setting, it is a little bit rarer and more of a treat when readers are taken to exotic places where we get a chance to discover a place and history now all but forgotten.

Holmes has retired to the Sussex Downs to care for bees and Watson separated from his friend takes a lonely trip to China. But the two of them are still destined to have adventures together...

It's the year 1906. Rumors abound that a deadly plot is hatching - not in the fog-ridden back-alleys of London's Limehouse district or the sinister Devon moors of the Hound of the Baskervilles, but in faraway Peking. Holmes's task - discover whether such a plot exists and if so, foil it. But are the assassins targeting the young and progressive Ch'ing Emperor or his imperious aunt, the fearsome Empress Dowager Cixi? The murder of either could spark a civil war. The fate of China and the interests of Britain's vast Empire in the Orient could be at stake.

Holmes and Watson take up the mission with their customary confidence until they find they are no longer in the familiar landscapes of Edwardian England. Instead, they tumble into the Alice In Wonderland world of the Forbidden City."

This is author, Symonds' fifth Sherlock Holmes novel.

A Reader's Comment: Sherlock Holmes and the Nine Dragon Sigil is a mystery/crime novel worthy of the Sherlock Holmes title. I recommend this for any and all fans of Chinese settings, historical fiction, mystery, crime, thriller, and Sherlock Holmes. It covers a vast range of topics from old English apparatus's to the chaotic imagery of two men wandering around what feels like a whole other world!

Don't miss out on this new and attention capturing read! You'll be flipping the pages so fast you won't realize it's over until you've reached the satisfying "Finis!"

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