Where to Buy Sherlock Holmes Books and Memorabilia
May 31st, 2014 by Aldouspi

There are many places where you can purchase the latest Sherlock Holmes pastiche or get a copy of an older book. You maybe looking for a First Edition of one of the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels or story collections, the latest pastiche or a book that was published 25 years ago. Many lovers of the First Consulting Detective have found what they seek on at Used Book Stores and even garage sales. But the most likely place to look for Holmes books, pastiches and memorabilia is online. There are many websites where you can find that special book or collectible...

Where To Buy Sherlock Holmes Pastiches and Memorabilia

Sherlock Holmes shopping

A Love of Sherlock Holmes Pastiches

My love of Sherlock Holmes began at the library where I was able to check out and read copies of the Original Canon - which I did many times. Eventually, my father got me a two volume set of the collected works of Sherlock Holmes by Doyle and that was the start of my own Sherlock Holmes library.

Sherlock Holmes War of Worlds

That passion was really inflamed when I discovered that other authors wrote Holmesian stories. There was a moment when a friend of mine in High School brought to school a paperback copy of Sherlock Holmes's War of the Worlds by Manly W. Wellman and his son, Wade Wellman. This novel tells how Holmes and Professor Challenger teamed up to fight the invasion of Martians in England. The book is not only a Sherlock Holmes pastiche, but a pastiche of H.G. Wells's War of the Worlds.

My friend let me read the book, of course, but it was still his copy and I wanted one of my own. That was the genesis of my desire to gather every Sherlock Holmes related book, a task that I am still pursuing after 40 years.

I began to haunt bookstores, purchasing books new, when I could afford it and used copies when money was tight. Often the only copy of a particular pastiche I could find was on a used bookstore shelf.

The Internet changed my purchasing habits, I still go to bookstores, of course, but most of my purchases are made online. That is probably true for you, too.

To help aid you in that task I have gathered up several links to make it easier for you to find Sherlock Holmes Pastiches and Memorabilia.

Sherlock Holmes

  • Books and Collectibles on Amazon: Sherlock Holmes Bookstore - Click link or Scroll down for my Online Sherlock Holmes Bookstore.
  • BookOutlet (formerly Bookcloseouts.com) - 50 to 90% off on remainder copies of Sherlock Holmes books. Go to site and use their search function. Many other subjects, Star Trek books for example.
  • Barnes & Noble - Search for Sherlock Holmes Pastiches at Barnes & Noble, another online bookstore, which occasionally has a better selection or price than Amazon.

    Sherlock Holmes fingerprint

    => The next three links will help you find Sherlock Holmes pastiches on eBay:

  • Auction listings for books with keyword: Sherlock Holmes Pastiche - Find the latest eBay listings for Sherlock Holmes Pastiche.
  • Auction listings for books with keyword: Sherlock Holmes Pastiches - Find the latest eBay listings for Sherlock Holmes Pastiches. Different items are usually displayed when the plural form of pastiche is used.
  • Auction listings for items with keyword: Sherlock Holmes Signed - Under Signed Sherlock Holmes you will discover other items on eBay that the above keywords miss - along with books you will often find original artwork.

    => Buy directly from Publishers and Specialty Shops for Books, Teas and Collectibles:

  • Calabash Press - Publisher of Sherlock Holmes books.
  • Sherlock-holmes.com - A great concentration of current pastiches (some very limited, not found on Amazon) and other Sherlockian items.
  • Adagio Teas - Like Tea? You will find a variety of Sherlock Holmes inspired tea blends at Adagio Teas. Just type "Sherlock" into the search tab. Each Sherlock Holmes blend has a unique packaging design. Very Cool!
  • Sherlock Holmes Memorabilia Company - Sherlock Holmes Memorabilia, First Editions and other rare collectibles. You will find rare books here, but I really like the Sherlock Holmes products and memorabilia.

    Sherlock Holmes Reading Books

  • Gasogene Books - A publisher of Sherlock Holmes pastiches - find their latest offerings here.
  • Laurie R. King - author of the Mary Russell, wife of Sherlock Holmes, novels.

    The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 4 - Presentation Nine - "Pastiches"

    http://nplh.co.uk The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 4 "What The Current Media Adaptions Contribute to the legacy of Sherlock Holmes" Presentation 9 - "Pastiches"

    Read more ...

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