Sherlock Holmes in America Edited by Martin H. Greenberg
November 11th, 2010 by Aldouspi

Here is the latest featured review of a Sherlock Holmes Pastiche: "Sherlock Holmes in America" edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg and Daniel Stashower.

Sherlock Holmes in America

Sherlock Holmes Pastiches and Reviews: 

"Sherlock Holmes in America" edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg and Daniel Stashower.

Reviewed By Scott Harker

Publisher:  Skyhorse Publishing, Copyright 2009, First Edition.

"Sherlock Holmes in America" is a collection of short stories - pastiches featuring Sherlock Holmes adventures in the United States. Also included in this book are three short essays about this subject.

The time line of the stories include times before Sherlock Holmes became a consulting detective to just before the World War One.

The Stories:  The editors of this collection of Sherlock Holmes pastiches are professionals who have worked together and separately on many excellent anthologies of fiction. This is another shining example of their work.

The stories include Ghosts and the Machine by Lloyd Rose where a young Mycroft Holmes and Sherlock Holmes have accompanied their father on a trip to New England. They meet up with Mr. Henry Olcott, a reporter who served on the panel that investigated the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Eventually this lead to an investigation of a seance by the two brothers.

Another story, The Adventure of the Coughing Dentist by Loren D. Estleman, involves Dr. Watson along with Holmes and Wyatt Earp as they must prove Doc Holliday innocent of a murder.

A delightful story is The Case of Colonel Crockett's Violin by Gillian Linscott where Holmes and Watson are in San Antonio, Texas. They are asked to verify the authenticity of the the violin played by Davy Crocket at the Alamo.

Several stories refer to events that take place in Doyle's A Study in Scarlet using the Utah connection to keep to the theme of Sherlock Holmes in America. There are several other stories including one where Holmes and Watson are involved in a case that features American Football!

The Writing:  The editors have drawn on some of the best short story writers of the day and the stories reflect that quality. One fun aspect of an anthology is the various looks at Holmes bringing out aspects that the reader may not have seen before. This books delivers on that aspect as well a providing good mysteries, some humor and insight to the life of Sherlock Holmes.

I do wish that the line-up of the content had been a little different. The darkest, most morbid story about Holmes was the last story in the book. This was then followed by three essays about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I would have preferred if the essays had been sprinkled among the stories and that the last story would have been a happier one. But I was not asked to edit this collection...

The Rating:  ... This novel has a rating of 4 "Pipes." I recommend that you add this book to your collection of Sherlock Holmes pastiches. It was enjoyable.

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