Boy Sherlock Holmes: Eye of the Crow by Shane Peacock
December 1st, 2010 by Aldouspi

Here is the latest featured review of a Sherlock Holmes Pastiche: "The Boy Sherlock Holmes: Eye of the Crow" by Shane Peacock.

Eye of the Crow

Sherlock Holmes Pastiches and Reviews: 

"The Boy Sherlock Holmes: Eye of the Crow" by Shane Peacock.

Reviewed By Scott Harker

Publisher:  Tundra Books, Copyright 2007.

"The Boy Sherlock Holmes | His 1st Case: Eye of the Crow" is the story of a young Sherlock Holmes, aged 13.

There have been other Sherlock Holmes pastiches that have dealt with the development of Sherlock Holmes in his childhood and those that look at his family. Each seems to want to explain why Sherlock became the man that Conan Doyle wrote about. This novel is no exception.

If you have ever pondered on why Holmes is emotionally detached - this story provides an answer. It also explains why he is so logical, which is due to his father's teachings...

Of course, you may disagree with Shane Peacock's explanations, but that is why the world of Sherlock Holmes is so fascinating - there are so many ways to interpret the character.

The Story:  Sherlock Holmes is a 13-year-old, living in a poorer section of London with his ex-professor father and his disinherited mother. As he has been doing lately, Sherlock is playing hooky from school, preferring to wander the streets of London instead.

After reading about a murder of woman, the boy Holmes manages to be present when the accused murderer is being brought to gaol. In an unexpected encounter, the prisoner has a brief conversation with Holmes in which he declares his innocence. And thus Sherlock Holmes is drawn into his first case.

Holmes goes to the murder site, an alley in Whitechapel. Observing the behavior of nearby crows, he discovers a clue to the real murderer overlooked by the police - a glass eye.

As the young Holmes pursues the case - he is assisted reluctantly by a local gang leader of boys or Irregulars by the name of "Malefactor." Another unexpected aid to this cause is the young daughter of a "do-gooder" by the name of Irene Doyle. And eventually Holmes's mother, who teaches music lessons, is also enlisted to solve the case.

Holmes, himself, is arrested as a potential accessory to the crime by a Scotland Yard Detective named Lestrade. But Holmes manages to escape his prison cell and continue with the case.

Unfortunately, for Holmes and those around him, the murderer realizes that he is being pursued and strikes back...

The Writing:  I must admit of a little reluctance to taking up this book, although I have had a copy for some time. Despite my hesitation, I found the writing by Shane Peacock to be quite good. Expecting a work for a more juvenile audience, this may actually be geared towards the adult reader.

Shane Peacock's version of Sherlock Holmes's youth is different than the one that I imagined, but he treats the subject fairly and the characters are well drawn. There are some plot devices that are obvious and I do which the path of the plot had gone differently, but that is due to my own inner vision of Holmes and not the fault of the author.

The Rating:  ... This novel has a rating of 3 "Pipes." This is a book to add to your collection of Sherlock Holmes pastiches. It provides a different look at Sherlock Holmes than most pastiches.

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